Oximeter Features

Advanced Features    

  • 4 way and 6 mode OLED color display SpO2, pulse rate, perfusion index and PR waveform
  • Measure SpO2 and pulse rate accurately
  • Can set high or low measurement alert with beeping sound
  • Low power consumption, brightness adjustable
  • Automatically shutoff to save battery
  • Measurement range SpO2: 35-99%, pulse rate: 30-250BPM with ?2% tolerance
  • Uses 2 x AAA batteries

Bluetooth Wireless connectivity (CP-50BLE, CMS-50F-BLE, Handheld)      

  • With available IOS/Android mobile app and comprehensive cloud server for secured data storage and sharing, enable effective Telehealth application. 

Connected Pulse Web Portal

  • Real-time communications with server
  • Proven WebCMS platform
  • Clustered SQL Server back-end
  • Web Services enabled for partner integration
  • Easily share measurements and data streams with family and Health Care Providers


Mobile APP User Guide
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Mobile IOS/Android APP
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          CP-50BLE  Download UserGuide(PDF)

CP-500E Download UserGuide(PDF)

            CP-500E Download UserGuide(JPG)

              CMS-50F-BLE Download UserGuide(PDF)

       Handheld Download UserGuide(PDF)